Begin your real estate journey with Nobul

Nobul is bringing buyers, sellers and agents closer together.

Using Nobul is easy. Our mobile app literally puts real estate in your hands. You can search properties, review agents and find a trusted professional to help you navigate what could be the biggest investment you will ever make. In the process, get better value, service and accountability, with visibility into what you’re getting and how much it costs.

We want your experience using Nobul to be flawless. What you see today is the beta version of the app, so we’re constantly making improvements to the user experience. Your feedback makes all the difference. Please let us know if there’s a way we can make your Nobul experience better. And if you’re thinking back buttons, an easy way to get to the home screen and a way to post the property you want to sell and the one you want to buy together…we’re on it! Please send your thoughts and ideas to you need some guidance, here’s how the app works:


I’m a seller.

Post the basics about the property you want to sell and agents compete for your business.

Agents tell you at the beginning of the process what commission they charge.

They indicate the specific services they provide for that fee.

You choose based on the agent’s bid as well as ratings provided by other Nobul users who have bought or sold a property with that agent.



I’m a buyer.

Search properties and select the ones you want to view.

Agents compete to help you buy.

They may even offer to pay to represent you.

Choose the agent and offer that works best for you.



I’m an agent.

Decide how you want to make money using Nobul, with no hidden fees.

Bid on residential or commercial properties in your region in seconds.

Don’t pay a cent until your deal closes, when Nobul charges a 0.09% referral fee.

That’s right, just 0.09%.




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